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Founder & Key Personalities

A man with a humble beginning. A dream to make it big. And a simple idea driven by a lot of passion. When you bring all three together, the possibilities are immense.

Way back in 1981, our founder Mr. P. Rajagopal (Annachi as he is lovingly called) believed that few things bring about a smile of satisfaction like good food.

Our first branch of Hotel Saravana Bhavan was opened, primarily to bridge the gap of the non-existence of a quality vegetarian restaurant. Annachi, our founder was later joined in this quest by his sons, Mr. P. R. Shiva Kumaar and Mr. R. Saravanan who have lent their expertise in monitoring the day to day operations as well as initiating new business strategies. From then on, there has been no looking back. Ever since, our Hotel Saravana Bhavan has crossed milestones, set records, redefined the dine-in experience.

Since 1981
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Vision & Mission

When the efforts are sincere, intention noble and the aspiration high, success is a natural by-product. We at Hotel Saravana Bhavan follow the perfect formula for success. Delicious food prepared under extremely hygienic conditions, served in a clean environment with a lot of passion and the reasonable pricing is the perfect answer to our gourmet, budget conscious customer. A menu of over 350 dishes in 10 categories, prepared to exacting standards and serving 1,20,000 customers across all the outlets, is a testimony to the impeccable quality and taste that our Hotel Saravana Bhavan is famous for.


To establish, maintain and continue leadership in the hospitality sector by providing high quality food at the most competitive prices to suit diverse consumer groups.

Our Objectives

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  • To offer high quality vegetarian food without compromising on taste
  • To increase the operational efficiency by periodic monitoring of Quality Management System
  • To achieve cost reduction by minimising wastage and better operational techniques
  • To increase our market share through better public relations and expanding the network
  • To introduce new products in keeping with the customers changing preferences
  • To ensure highest degree of cleanliness and hygiene in preparation, preservation and serving of food
  • To motivate our work force by encouraging them to achieve our goals.

Organizational Structure


A motivated and committed staff contribute largely to the success of an organization. Every person is trained in his domain of expertise to offer best quality food and service. Our management believes that satisfied employees work best and therefore takes good care of all its employees by offering a conducive work atmosphere and a host of employee benefits. It is not surprising that our chain of hotels have emerged as one of the favorite places to work at.


Each new restaurant added to our network carries the legacy of good taste and quality. The trust that the customers have placed in us has been a motivating factor in exploring new destinations. Today, our group has its presence across 30 outlets in South India, 3 in the North and 18 countries with 68 outlets across the globe. We have come a long way creating a niche among the Hotelier & Caterer segment.


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We have always believed in offering a varied and wholesome experience. Overwhelmed by the success of our dine-in restaurants, we soon diversified into Fast Food, Take Away, Home Delivery and Outdoor Catering.

Catering orders for a minimum of 100 persons to a maximum of 10,000 or above are accepted from any part of the city with on-site preparation. And over 350 different dishes in over 10 categories, our cuisine is one of the best in the whole of the city. True to the saying "Variety is the spice of life", our menu includes the best of South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Gujarati, Chaats, Desserts, Beverages, Bakery & Confectionery and ice cream.


To take the untrodden path. To overcome barriers. Innovation has been a way of life at Hotel Saravana Bhavan. As the number of outlets was on the rise and the management was grappling with space constraints, Annachi introduced the centralised kitchen concept that set a trend among restaurants. Feeling the pulse of the customer has been the formula for our success. In keeping with life on the fast lane, Hotel Saravana Bhavan diversified into the category of Fast Food Joints. Today, our Fast Foods offer a range of vegetarian food, fresh juices, bakery and confectionery products as well as a range of lip smacking ice cream.


Success begets success. It has been close to 30 years since we started this venture. It has been a history of enriching experiences, awards and citations. However, we don't believe in resting on our laurels. We have always reinvented ourselves in our unswerving endeavour to offer unrivalled quality and taste. We have many more borders to cross, touch higher summits. And look out for new business opportunities. And the journey continues.

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